19 Jun 0800 – 1600


  • Shooting competitors use air pistols and air rifles to fire a series of shots at a stationary, electronic target. Shooting categories are: air pistol, air rifle (standing), and air rifle (prone), all at a distance of 10 meters.


  • Athletes compete in different classification categories based on functional abilities including impaired muscle power/range of movement, limb deficiency and visual impairment.
  • Visually impaired shooters will compete in a separate classification than sighted shooters. VI shooters use electronic shooting. Adaptation: Air rifle is fitted with a special scope, which resembles a normal telescopic scope. The scope contains electronics which converts the amount of light it receives into a varying pitch tone.


    2015 DoD Warrior Games

  • Marine Corps – 4 Gold / 3 Silver / 2 Bronze
  • Air Force – 2 Gold / 3 Silver / 1 Bronze
  • Navy – 2 Gold / 1 Silver / 2 Bronze
  • UK Armed Forces – 1 Silver / 1 Bronze
  • Army – 2 Bronze


  • Shooting terms
    Flyer- A shot that lands far outside of the target.
    Deep ten- A shot that scores a 10.7 or better.
    Drop- Identifies when a shot is low.
  • The evolution of prosthetics was grown to include sophisticated knees that function much like a human knee to carbon fiber blades worn by the sprinters.
  • There are 10 rings in the target, and the black circle in the middle of the board is the bullseye.

See game rules for more info.(best viewed using Firefox).